About Us

Who are Courtesy Motorbike?

Courtesy Motorbike are a subsidiary of Celtic Rider. Celtic Rider is Ireland’s first motorcycle rental and touring company. Set up in 2007 by Paul and Siobhán Rawlins.

About Paul and Siobhán Rawlins

Paul and Siobhán Rawlins are avid motorcycle enthusiasts who have traveled the World on two wheels. After years of looking for insurance to open up a motorcycle rental company, they finally secured insurance in 2007. Since then they have been in business and now offer client’s self-guided  tours throughout Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and mainland Europe on bikes hired from Celtic Rider.

How did Courtesy Motorbike begin? 

In 2010 an Irish rider contacted Paul after being involved in a collision. A car driver attempted to make a U-turn without checking their blind spot over their right hand shoulder and knocked him off his bike. The guilty parties insurance was trying to make him take a car, even though he had no car licence. He contacted us, we assisted him with his case and got him back on two wheels the following day. We then began telling other riders about our business and our service became more known.

Courtesy Motorbike