Frequently Asked Questions

My bike is off the road, am I entitled to a courtesy motorbike?

If you do find yourself involved in a collision, or your motorbike is damaged while unattended, it is important to be aware of the steps you need to take before contacting us. If your machine is off the road due to no fault of your own you may be entitled to a courtesy bike.

What is a courtesy motorbike?

It is a motorbike given to a rider either from our rental station, or delivered by Celtic Rider to a rider who’s bike is off the road due to no fault of their own, usually involving a collision with a car or other vehicle.

What is the purpose of Courtesy Motorbike?

The objective of Courtesy Motorbike is to assist Irish riders who are off their bikes (due to no fault of their own), and to get them back on the road on a replacement motorbike. The replacement motorbike is for use whilst their own bike is being repaired or replaced. Courtesy Motorbike are offering this replacement motorbike service at no cost to riders.

How do I find out if I am entitled to one?

It has to be established that you are the innocent party. It is important that you get your claim number and claim handler’s details from the other parties insurance company. Once you have these details we can take over for you.

Who is entitled to a courtesy motorbike?

Any rider over 25 with a full license whose motorbike was damaged through no fault of their own is entitled to a replacement motorbike from us. Riders must not have sustained injuries prohibiting them to ride a motorbike.

Who pays for the replacement bike?

The guilty parties insurance covers this cost, including the cost of pick-up and drop-off if the bike cannot be collected from our premises in Kill, County Kildare. There is no financial exposure to the rider. This is guaranteed.

What type of replacement machine can I expect to be given?

We try to put riders on a similar engine size bike to what they usually ride. We have a current fleet of 56 motorbikes ranging from a Honda Rebel CB500 to larger BMW R1200GS bikes.

Do I have to switch my insurance to your Celtic Rider bike?

No. All of our courtesy bikes are covered by our own insurance.

What will this cost me?

Once again, nothing. There are no costs involved whatsoever to riders who are entitled to a courtesy motorbike… All bikes go out with a full tank of fuel, and we expect bikes to be returned/collected with a full tank of fuel. Otherwise, that’s it.

What do I do next?

If you are currently off your bike through no fault of your own, and have your insurance claim details, please contact our office and we will guide you through the simple process of getting you back on two wheels today.

Who is Courtesy Motorbike?

Courtesy Motorbike is a company affiliated with Motorcycle Rental Ireland Limited, who trade as Celtic Rider. Celtic Rider pioneered motorbike rental in Ireland in 2007. We are an Irish owned family business, based near Kill in Co Kildare. We specialize in the hire of motorbikes with full insurance, and the arranging of self-guided tours of Ireland and Europe on motorbikes for overseas tourists. Celtic Rider and Courtesy Motorbike are now proud to offer this service to Irish riders. Call any of the team on 045-842862 for more details.