‘In Sept 2017 I was in a traffic accident & my bike was badly damaged . The insurance company for the other party agreed to cover the cost of a hire vehicle but tried to make me hire a car. I don’t have a car licence so I told them about Celtic Rider and Courtesy Motorbike. I knew about them as they helped my brother out following an accident a few years back. With only 2 or 3 phone calls between the insurance company, myself and Courtesy Motorbike it was sorted.

A bike was delivered to my home the following morning. Celtic Rider made sure it was the right bike for me, with the option of top box & panniers if I needed them. If it hadn’t have been for Courtesy Motorbike I would have been out of work until the insurance company sorted out my claim. I recommend them to anyone who has been involved in an accident and is off the road due to their bike being damaged.

The insurance companies will try to get you to hire a car. Don’t settle for that! Celtic Rider got me back on the road, on a bike quicker than I could have otherwise. Bikers looking after bikers, you won’t get that service anywhere else.’

Dave O’Donnell | Navan

‘In May 2017 my bike was badly damaged in a car park due to a car driver who reversed over it. She then drove away but was caught on camera. Her insurance offered to pay for damages caused but I was without a motorbike to use for work. I searched online for a courtesy replacement motorcycle and found Celtic Rider’s Courtesy Motorbike. Apparently they have been doing this for years, and it’s a brilliant service for bikers to avail when we are without transport through no fault of our own.

I gave the guilty party’s insurance company the phone number for Courtesy Motorbike, they then agreed between them the details, and within a few hours Paul called me and I had a new Honda CB500X delivered to my home in Bray.

When my own bike was repaired by the lads in KCR, about 2 weeks later, I rode down there to collect it and Celtic Rider picked up their bike from the workshop, couldn’t be any easier.

The service offered by Courtesy Motorbike was nothing short of excellent, and I definitely recommend them to any biker in a situation where their motorbike is damaged…’

Michael Meredith | Bray

‘I I was knocked off my bike by a driver who did a u-turn on double white lines. I had terrible trouble with his insurance company, but when I phoned courtesy motorbike, they had a new replacement Honda NC 750X delivered to me within two hours.

All I had to do was explain in detail how the accident happens, Paul agreed with me that I was the innocent party, he then called the car drivers insurance company and told them he was putting me on a new replacement bike till the case was sorted.

So simple and so professional to deal with, bikers looking after bikers… they even gave me a new helmet and riding gear as mine was damaged and supported me along the way with advice.

If your bike is damaged and you could do with a replacement, contact these guys, they will get you back on the road fast…’

Michael Croft | Dublin

‘I was involved in an accident through no fault of my own in September 2015 which left my bike wrote-off and me without a way around. I found Celtic Rider after searching for a potential replacement while the insurance were sorting everything. Celtic Rider and the insurance company sorted out everything within a few hours and I didn’t even need to be the middle man, they organised everything.

The owner even came to my home and picked me up and brought me to collect the bike, a lovely BMW F650GS, which was in pristine condition. I couldn’t recommend enough how stress free and smooth Celtic Rider made everything from collecting the bike to dropping it back. 5* service from start to finish’.

Paul Cahill | Naas

‘After being involved in a bad accident at the end of January 2018 in which my bike was rendered unusable, my mechanic referred me to Celtic Rider. The 3rd party’s insurance company displayed resistance to the idea of a courtesy motorcycle, but that is not something you should settle for, neither should you settle for a car if you don’t want it!

Paul Rawlins from Celtic Rider was an absolute gentleman, and after the call he had a bike at my doorstep within a few hours! Due to complications in the claim process, I had to use the motorcycle for longer than expected, and Paul was there to reassure me that I would not have to mop up any costs by the end of the process.

If it wasn’t for the courtesy bike, I would have had incredible trouble getting in and out of work daily, as well as in performing most of my daily journeys. I would wholeheartedly recommend this service, it is unparalleled and they are there when you need them’.

Fathi Eid | Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

Paul and his team could not have made my experience more pleasant and effortless. They are such a great bunch and genuine bike fanatics, through and through. I was lucky enough to ride one of their new and awesome BMW R1250GS motorcycles for a few weeks while my claim was being processed. Turned out my own motorcycle was an insurance write off. The Celtic Rider courtesy motorbikes are superbly maintained and completely flawless. When I had a slight ECU technical difficulty, one of their team rode out to my home within a couple of hours and got me back on the road in minutes. Would highly recommend to anyone heading out on their road trip – Thanks again guys.’.

Jamie H. | Castleknock